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Default Ultimate Sims List Forum

I'm still in the process of rehosting the Ultimate Sims List to Sun Sims and don't know if I'll ever get the part done where you can submit correcitions to the listings, so if you want to add a site or see something that should be corrected in a listing, please post a note in the Additions and Corrections forum here on Sun Sims.

The key features for searching, voting, and finding web sites should be fully operational now.

I still have a lot of work to do on the formatting of the pages, and I'm working on a new scheme for submitting changes and additions. I also have in mind some extensive improvements to the list.

If you have ideas for how the Ultimate Sims List can be improved to make it more accurate, useful, and update, please do speak up! I really want to hear from you! Just start a new topic, give it a subject that will meaningfully relate the idea you have in mind, and have at it!

Note software bug reports here, too. Please put each item in a separate thread, and first check to see if someone else has reported the bug you encountered. If you have some information to add to a bug report, please do; but don't post notes that only say that you saw it, too.

Put new site announcements, additions, or changes in the Ultimate Sims List Additions and Corrections forum.

Most of all, don't send me private messages or email about any of these things. If you do, I won't answer, and may not even read them.

Last edited by Greg : 03-22-2008 at 04:05 PM. Reason: Updated to reflect new Additions and Changes forum.
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