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Originally Posted by Zirconia Wolf View Post
Yes...but if I understand the "skin thing" correctly (they way it's explained on MTS2) I have to have somekind of "custom skin" for each of the parents first, in order to see the "skins" (picked at random, again) for a given baby.
No, skin genetics work like this:

If at least one parent has a non-genetic skin: there will be an even chance of the baby inheriting either parent's exact skintone.

If both parents have genetic skins (Maxis or geneticized custom skins): The baby will have a genetic skintone somewhere between the two.
Mom and dad are S1 (Maxis light): all children will be S1.
Mom is S1, dad is S4 (Maxis dark): children will be any genetic skintone available between Maxis light and Maxis dark, including Maxis tan and dark tan.
Mom has Enayla's Vampiric Grace (modified by Madame Mim), dad is S1: children will be some pale color, possibly as "dark" as Maxis light.
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