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Default Allow Webmasters to "Own" Their Entries

I'd like to set up a system where each entry in the list has an "owner" and the owner is able to update several bits of data:
  • Site Name
  • Site URL
  • Site Description
  • Content Flags
  • Site Button

The owner would be identified by the webmaster's user ID on Sun Sims. (I plan to share the Sun Sims membership database.)

Now, how can we verify that the person who owns an entry is indeed the webmaster for the site or someone authorized to speak for the site? In the days before spammers, that would be easy: Just require that the person join Sun Sims with a verified email address that matches one published on the site. Nowadays it's a really bad idea to put your email address on a web site.

We could still do something like that: The webmaster could have a page secretly on the site with any secret code, and could then send me the code, the URL where it's published, and the Sun Sims ID of the person authorized to update the listings for that site.

Since publishing a secret page would require access to the site, we could reasonably assume that it really is the webmaster who is communicating with us.
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