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Smile Thank you from all of us!!


Our family has four generations of Sims players (above ground.. ), we have been playing since the first game was issued. We play all three versions of the game, including die hard Sims 1 players.

We want to thank you for makeing the Ultimate Sims List available to us over the years. You touched our lives and helped make our games that much more fun. It has been a wonderful resource and helped us meet other Sims players from around the world, many of whom have become friends above and beyond the game.

You have touched millions of lives with your site, we appreciate the time and effort it took to maintain it for over a decade. It has been a gift to the Sims Community that has been truly priceless.

Even with the site closed now, you know it's legend will live on as long as people play The Sims. Since there are millions of people still playing Sims 1, years after it was "retired" by EA, old time players will be telling newbies about the most wonderful link list ever created... the Ultimate Sims List... for years to come.

Thank you, from all of us!!!

The Frump Family Clan
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