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Originally Posted by Greg View Post
That makes sense. It would be silly for kids to show up wearing hats advertising a presidential campaign from 15 years before. On the other hand, it's very easy to change the character's appearance. On the third hand, I think the kids might still pass the hats on to their progeny for generations to come. By then, they would have become family heirlooms!

So: If anybody downloaded those hat-hairs, note that they are not binned, and see Rose's tutorial on how to do that.

I suspect that the guys at Maxis were thinking that people would want custom hair colors to be inherited. Adding in options requires more programming time; hence, cost, and there's no competition to drive them to excellence.
Yep, even if you change appearance at the mirror, the kids will inherit the gene for McCain/Palin hats! Getting rid of the gene then requires SimSurgery.

If I can stop playing Spore long enough (and hubby's not playing either), I'll bin them and post them. You can add links to "binned versions" to your post, or move them there or whatever...
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