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Greg 08-02-2008 12:52 AM

Geaulee House
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Geaulee House
207 N Adams Street
Bonnyview Shores

Back by special request. Originally posted at the Hullabaloo on July 15, 2006.

Geaulee House - 207 N Adams Street (Residential Lot. Unfurnished.)

The zip file contains a .Sims2Pack file. Unzip the file and save it on your computer in a spot where you can find it again. Then find the file and double-click it to install the house in your game.
I have only the base game and University installed, so I think this house will be compatible with all versions of the game.
This house is unfurnished. 4x3 lot, I think. No landscaping or lights, either. It contains at least one custom wall and a custom window. It might also contain Inge Jones's Simlogical bathroom door and Tunaisafish's smart door.

This is the lot segment only. That means if you have the same stuff in your game that I did when I built this house, the furnishings will show up. If not, then not.

This one owes its birth to the discussion of Maxoidmonkey's Ultimate Soccer Kit in the Glamour Life topic. (You can get Maxoidmonkey's soccer-fan clothing from the EA site. It's a free download.)

I wanted to test the Soccer Set before I fiddled with it, so I downloaded and installed it, and then created a family to wear the new duds. Thus was born the Geaulee family. (That's pronounced "go-LEE." Get it?) Quite predictably I become more interested in the family than in what they were wearing. I figured a bunch of soccer fans would fit in with the aliens, elves, and other oddities in Bonnyview Shores, so I moved them in.

The Geaulee Family
This picture is just for your amusement; not a download. Brandon Geaulee created by Maxoidmonkey. You get him with the Ultimate Soccer Kit download from EA. (See above.) His wife Anaserre is a clone of the hula zombie. Their three children--teen Zoe, child Yonkers, and toddler Xavier--were created as their genetic offspring in the Create-A-Family tool in the game.

Then they needed a house to live in. I started building a house for a family of five, thinking I'd just whip out a quick-and-dirty little box for them to live in. I kept getting ideas and the house grew some interesting features in the building, to the point that I realized I'd built something rather interesting and unique, so here it is!

Go to the original download topic to take a tour of the Gaulee House. :D

Sita 08-02-2008 01:14 AM

Thank you!

d'uh. I just realised how Geaulee was supposed to be pronounced.... smacks self upside the head....

Greg 08-02-2008 01:15 AM


I think I 'splained that somewhere in the tour on the Hullabaloo. :thinking:

meganroxy 11-28-2008 02:05 AM

Wow. U luv that siding.

Greg 11-28-2008 04:02 AM

I do use that same basic decor quite a bit--the rustic siding with the rustic wooden railings.

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